Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Peek At Our Week(s)

Well, it's official... if you can't find the chargers for your camera batteries after returning from vacation, your camera will eventually stop functioning. Such is the case over at our house. We had such a wonderful start to the school year last week and I had hoped to share some of the photos of what our lessons actually looked like, but I suppose it's not to be. I found a few fun pics from my computer that I think are pretty representative of what we're all about, so here's to the last week of the "Not Back to School Blog Hop"!
Our youngest LOVES starting our day off with worship. Tried to catch him "conducting", but the good camera was out at this point.
He has actually surprised me with how mature he is getting. Can't believe he is actually engaged in pencil and paper work in this shot. I kind of put it out there and see what comes of it, and he has really been making an effort this week. I guess that's probably why he's been sound asleep within three minutes of bedtime every night this week! :)
Here our oldest is completing the first of our Presidents study pages. I downloaded the color photos from and created my own fact sheet for them to fill in. I fill the youngest's in with grey marker and he traces what I've written (or doesn't depending on the mood!).
Love this shot! I made my first muffin tin lunch this week. The kids loved it. So much fun!
Well, here's where we get to the part where you see what we're really about! Our family is um, just slightly active. ;) My FAVORITE part of homeschooling is the field trips. The kids' educations have been so enriched by the going and the doing. We have such a blast!
Awww, here's our sweet girl. Dad made her a garden for her birthday present. She has a gift for gardening and we've enjoyed eating her tomatoes all summer long!
There are just the neatest museums near us. Most of them are SO interactive for the kids. Loved this exhibit about what the invention of electricity has done for us.
After studying Native Americans last year, we were blessed to be able to visit a wonderful western museum that had an amazing basket exhibit. The kids had a blast using the touch screens and seeing the familiar names of the different tribes.
These kids have no fear, I tell you! The docents at some of these wonderful places are just the neatest people you'll meet.
My city kids adored their day at the farm. Ohhhhh....someday....
My cousin wondered if the kids were saying "hey" to our Lord... :)
Tide pools have got to be my favorite places to explore. Some of these little hermit crabs just walked all over my kids.
Whale watching was wonderful, even if it did turn out to be dolphin and seal watching!
Can't believe the baby is finally big enough to go "rock climbing". He was so proud!
You know, most of the things we do are educational, but some are purely for the fun of it! If you haven't done it yet, click over to Heart of the Matter and check out what others are doing with the wonderful time they have at home. Truly, each day for us is a gift for which we are eternally thankful!

Blessings, Lins


  1. Great pictures. I agree I love going places with the kids. The zoo, the beach it's the best and yup I think they are learning so much. :)

  2. Your muffin tin lunch looks great! Love the field trip pics :)

  3. very fun pictures! the going and doing is great fun for everyone and a wonderful way to learn!

  4. Great "Day in the Life"! Homeschoolers have so much fun and are so creative :)

    Thanks for sharing and have a very enjoyable 2010-2011 school year!

  5. Great photos! In that first photo, what is that projector that you are using??

  6. Forget about the homeschooling stuff...I'm lovin' the muffin tin lunch idea! :-)

    Tammy ~@~

  7. I totally want to try the muffin tin idea with my youngest (my picky eater)! She and your daughter have a few things in common: both like science and my daughter started a community garden this summer with her father. We have been gathering her tomatoes, beans and turnips all summer long! Looking forward to reading more!

  8. Wow! You really have this down!
    Following you from the Not Back to School Hop!

  9. Thanks everyone! For those of you who want to be amazed by muffin tin lunch ideas, you can visit
    Theresa, I'll go check on my projector in a few! :)

  10. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  11. What a beautiful life! It looks like you have so much fun. Thanks for sharing, and for coming by and joining up at my blog. :)

  12. Loved all your photos (love your little girl's silver shoes in the garden pic)! I am soooo jealous of the tide pools & dolphins/whales! We so want to see that! I am your newest blog follower!