Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Who, Moi?!?!?

Wow, let's just say I'm new to this blogging thing. I really do not check the comments on my old posts frequently enough because sweet Kris at gave me a blog award. SAY WHAT?!?! Well, obviously I was floored and totally humbled. That was so nice of you Kris. I really enjoy reading your posts, too. In the spirit of playing along, here are seven things about me...

1. I love candles. It's going to be near 100 degrees where I live today, but I have a Hocus Pocus from PartyLite burning right now. Somehow, just smelling it makes me hopeful for fall. I also have issues with floral candles. Fruity, sure. Floral, no.
2. Diet Pepsi, not Diet Coke.
3. Travel is my luxury. My dream is to travel to every state in the US with my family.
4. I do NOT eat lettuce...EVER (was that emphatic enough?). Something about the crunchy, cool texture freaks me out. Not on hamburgers and no to salad, thank you!
5. Movies!!!! Love them! My favorites are all the Jane Austen remakes (1. Sense and Sensibility with Emma Thompson 2. Pride and Prejudice with Kiera Knightly) and Anne of Green Gables. I am definitely the kind to sit out all night for a midnight showing, too!
6. My dream car is an Econoline van. I sigh wistfully every time one drives by and think, "someday...".
7. I would LOVE to live in the country and have chickens and a goat. Bear in mind I've never raised an animal (outside of one dog and one cat), never been in 4-H, and the closest I've ever come to a barnyard uproar was a Target on Black Friday. Hey, a girl can dream!

Well, if you're not snoring by now out of sheer and utter boredom, I will let you know that I'm going to post my next curriculum give away later today. If you ARE snoring, you can thank me later for the extra sleep. I'm always here to help a girl out! :)

Blessings, Lins


  1. know I like Pepsi the best, dislike Coke with a passion! I love the country(where I am from) to be honest before moving to colorado my neighbors were a herd of cows! seriously! my kids loved watching them and laughing at one cow who thought he was the stuff! When I was a kid my dad had a ton of chickens and still does! Funny though that you would like that because I told my hubby that I wanted to move away and live without neighbors again just animals...I think its the fact they dont talk that I like most! I love you blog thanks for the laughs you gave me this morning! Will check back later to see your giveaway!

  2. Congrats!!! It's always fun to know that others are reading and like your blog!! You deserve it! ... your fun, outgoing personality shines through!! ;)

  3. Bummer, I keep typing this and trying to post it, but I keep getting an error. So hopefully you don't get 20 almost identical comments later on. Anyway, if I had a blog award I would have given it to you as well. You sure know how to make a girl laugh which is as good as sleep sometimes. I wasn't even close to falling reading this, but if I had, I would have appreciated it too. So this post was a win win. I love Jane Austen movies too and have been up way too much in the middle of the night watching them on PBS. I guess I could DVR them, but come to think about it, the middle of the night is probably the only time I have to watch them anyway. Can't wait to read your post later to check out the giveaway.

  4. You girls are the bomb! I love hearing from ya. It totally makes my day. Carrie...where do I start? I love your blog. The design is probably my most favorite EVER! Your beautiful family warms my heart, as we have been blessed by the miracle of adoption, too! Brandy, you crack me up. I've done the same thing myself. We shall prevail... technologically speaking!